What Are The Special Connexions?

The greatest adult day camps that are changing North Texas for the better.


One of the greatest gifts we give the families and care givers in our reach is the gift of supporting their loved ones and taking the load of 24/7 care off their back for the day.


The Special Connexion is a place where everyone is friendly, kind, generous, helpful and supportive. We offer the greatest environment for a full and engaging life.

Being Needed

Our Special People know that they are friends of others, needed and wanted. Our team of volunteers and staff invest their time and build lasting and meaningful relationships.

Being Valued

There is a value on each and every one of our special people, and it goes beyond a day-to-day value. We strive to provide meaning and joy to the lives of those in our reach.


Our day campers tell us all the time that they are more active, energetic, and happy when participating at our Special Connexions. — Steve Brooks


The story of Advocates for Special People is the story of our clients. We love and cherish everything about them and it is our desire to remember our roots to grow towards a brighter future.


The Special Connexion was established in the fall of 2003 by the parents of the campers and by the board of directors of the Advocates for Special People, Inc. to provide educationally and physically challenging activities for the mentally and physically challenged.


Within a short few years, Special Connexion II was formed and resides at St. Stephens United Methodist Church. Both programs host approximately 25 day campers.

Humble Beginnings

ASP, Inc. (of which the parents are members) received permission from Epworth United Methodist Church in Arlington to use a building on the church property for the day camp. ASP, Inc. continued to grow and decided on a program name, The Special Connexion.

Continuing To Serve

In October of 2013, we added a third Special Connexion at Hugh Smith recreational facility to host additional clients in our ever expanding desire to serve.

Special Connexion 1

We are inclusive, social, active, and above all else- we are family.

Special Connexion 2

We develop true feelings of value, acceptance, and support.

Special Connexion 3

It’s about improving their quality of life and having fun in the process.